Mile Twelve Bluegrass

November 5, 2016 7:30 pm


Deepwater Horizon

Starting Friday 10/21/16 - Wednesday 10/26/16

Show Times:
Friday 10/21 at 6 & 8pm
Saturday 10/22 at 2, 6 & 8pm
Sunday 10/23 at 1 & 3pm
Wednesday 10/26 at 1pm


The Birds

October 20th - All shows start at 7pm & tickets are $6


Lisa Ruth Mays, Dan Soccorso, and Carol Erlandson

Sunday, Oct 16 - 6 pm

The Historic Walton Theatre

The Historic Walton Theatre

The Walton Theatre is a historic theatre in Walton, NY. This non-profit theatre aims to bring music and entertainment to the community. We are grateful to have so much support from our community in order to keep this beautiful, historic building a place for families and friends to make memories.

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