Members of the Walton Theatre


  • Jim Richardson (Chair)
  • Joanna Richardson
  • Robbie-Jean & Jim Rice
  • Joan & Gary Orton
  • Lynda Preiser
  • Charles Conklin
  • Jim Haggerty
  • Marge Mugglin
  • Sandy & Gale Sheradin
  • Bill Seneschal
  • Naomi Verdon
  • Gail & George Mack
  • Jean Withrow
  • Sara Leddy
  • Dawn Seneschal
  • Josiah Bartlett
  • Joe Laydm
  • Marion Veleshko
  • Dave Breese


  • Andrea Paternoster (Chair)
  • Gale Sheradin (VP)
  • Jim Rice, (Secretary)
  • Jim Richardson (Treasurer)
  • Paula O’Brien
  • Charlene Gregory
  • Lisa Favret
  • Sandy Sheradin
  • Molly Taylor
  • Kathleen Hayek
  • Jon Cocks
  • Jayne Francisco
  • Chris Howland
  • Patty Wood
  • Charles Gregory
  • Dave Breese non-voting

Village Board

  • Mayor: Ed Snow
  • Trustee’s: Teresa O'Leary, Tink Reynolds, Dave Breese, Steve Sehen


  • Jayne Francisco (Director)
  • Christopher Howland


  • Paula O'Brien & Molly Taylor (Directors)

Walton Theatre Preservation Association News

The WTPA has been busy tackling the to-do list for the theatre

  • 1. Recently, we completed the restoration and backlighting of the last of the stained glass windows over the front stairs. This work was completed with grants from the O’Connor Foundation and the Mee Foundation.
  • 2. The new front display boxes finally allow us to list the upcoming activities at the theatre. These were built by local craftsman, Glenn Miller.
  • 3. As soon as lobby painting is complete, there will be a new kiosk in the lobby for posters
  • 4. Restoration should be complete shortly on ceiling plaster repair in the lobby and repainting of walls.
  • 5. Restoration of water damaged walls and wall stenciling in theatre should begin shortly.
  • 6. Summer should bring new stage curtains and tracking (we don’t know the age of the curtains but are reasonably certain that the valance is the original from 1914) and general repairs to the lighting and screen.
  • 7. Work will start shortly on the exterior painting of the theatre. This will be a cooperative arrangement with
    the village.